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Andrew Weissmann: Trump won’t get ‘to enjoy the same first amendment rights’ after his indictment

NBC News Senior Capitol Hill Correspondent Garrett Haake, New York Times Washington Correspondent Michael Schmidt, criminal defense attorney and NBC Legal Analyst Danny Cevallos, and Andrew Weissmann, former senior prosecutor on the Mueller probe and former General Counsel for the FBI, join Andrea Mitchell to look ahead at the next steps in former President Trump’s legal proceedings after his indictment by the Manhattan grand jury. “Donald Trump, I think, has walked back, or tried to walk back, some of what he's been doing, but he is not going to enjoy the same first amendment rights,” Weissmann says. “Speaking out — if he ends up saying things that are inciting violence, the judge can severely restrict what he's saying as a defendant out on bail, because that judge now has authority over him that's going to obviously annoy Donald Trump to no end, who's not used to having somebody telling him what to do, where the penalty for that can be additional charges or even going to jail.”



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