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Fans blaming Gronk's retirement on girlfriend Camille Kostek

12up logo 12up 3/25/2019 Karl Rasmussen

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​Rob Gronkowski stunned the NFL world when he ​announced his retirement via an Instagram post on Sunday evening. The ex-Patriots tight end revealed that he would not return for the 2019 season, having been mulling retirement since the team's Super Bowl LIII victory in February. 

But a litany of ​Patriots fans have since started commenting on the Instagram posts of Gronk's ​girlfriend, Camille Kostek, blaming her for his retirement.

As this photo's caption reads, "You motivate me to be better, you show me that limits can be pushed and that challenges make you stronger. If you ask me, you’re the best to ever do it. There is nothing like the thrill of watching you play. I love you with all my heart, you allow me to take the term “proud girlfriend” to a new level. For all the people that have come up to us to tell you they are your biggest fan, I quietly smile because I know I’m yours  and I will continue to root you on in all that you do ❤️ WE LOVE YOU PATS NATION & @patriots !!!! #retirement #87#HallOfFamer."

While many of the comments on the account are actually quite wholesome and supportive, there are a few salty Pats fans who can't seem to handle Gronk's retirement with class.

a screenshot of a cell phone: Image by Karl Rasmussen © Image by Karl Rasmussen Image by Karl Rasmussen

Kostek is just trying to enjoy her life -- which will now feature a lot more of her boyfriend -- but Patriots fans are having a meltdown all the same, lashing out in any direction they can.

Sure, a lot of these fans probably just fear the collapse of their dynasty. But dragging Kostek into this is out of bounds.

a screenshot of a cell phone: Image by Karl Rasmussen © Image by Karl Rasmussen Image by Karl Rasmussen

Fans have flocked to the prolific model's social media accounts and left her a barrage of comments suggesting that she was the reason the superstar tight end decided to call it a career at age 29-- as if the man doesn't make his own decisions.

Hopefully, Kostek can ignore the hate coming from her comments section and appreciate the thoughtful comments that fans are sending her way instead.

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