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Velshi: The inaction of 3 Cowardly Fmr Minneapolis Cops Has Sparked Action

In May of 2020, a cruel act of police brutality sparked one of the most unifying movements for change in generations. Watching the video of George Floyd’s death was the first time many Americans witnessed true racial injustice with their own eyes. And the realization that America’s broken policing system could no longer be ignored finally set in. Outrage turned into hope when the U.S. Congress began seriously pursuing a federal police reform bill. The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act was one of the most comprehensive actions on police reform in U.S. history. But hope faded into frustration when the policing bill fell victim to bipartisan bickering, just like voting rights and climate change legislation. But just because Congress has all but ground to a halt, change is still happening at state and local levels.
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