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Magic Mike | Train Like | Men's Health

When you think about muscular bodies in movies and pop culture, there are a few standouts that immediately come to mind. Brad Pitt in Fight Club, Gerard Butler in 300, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in the X-Men series, and of course, The Rock in anything. Then there's the rare non-action movie role that prized muscles for straight-up sex appeal: Channing Tatum as Magic Mike. Unlike other films that take actors from all types of backgrounds and force them to play outside of their comfort zones, casting Tatum in Magic Mike was an authentic move. By the time the first movie came out in 2012, however, Tatum was already a successful actor. He might have had the moves to play a young stud dancer, but the body to match was going to take some work. Tatum linked up with trainer Arin Babian, who knew he was in for a challenge when he met with Tatum to train for the first time. 
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