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Massive wildfire sweeps through forests in Chile

These are the apocalyptic scenes as a massive forest fire was tackled by the emergency services in Chile. The video on February 17 shows a snapshot of the wildfire that started in south-central Chile. Regarding the affected area, the Biobio region has been the hardest hit. Neighbouring regions like Nuble, Araucania, Maule and Santiago were also severely impacted. This has been the deadliest wildland fire in Chile. As of February 16, about 219 active fires and about 435,000 hectares (1,074,908 acres) burnt in the impacted areas. About 25 death cases, over 3000 injured victims, over 2500 damaged homes, and several evacuations were made. Many forest animals died, and some were severely injured and receiving treatment in a wildlife rehabilitation centre which is of great concern. Valentina Aravena, the wildlife rehabilitation manager, calls for assistance by saying: 'We call on everyone who can take care of the forests which are currently on fire, and also animals, specimens of vital importance.' Regarding the forest fire severity, NASA Earth Observatory media, quoting Chile's National Forest Corporation (CONAF) as of 17th February 2023, reported that in Biobio alone, 197973 hectares (489,202 acres) were burnt in the 2022-23 fire season, which is about 22 the average for 5 years. The Nuble region also witnesses about 34 times the average for five years. The forest fire, this time, results from strong wind and high temperatures exceeding 104 Fahrenheit (40 Celsius). Several responses were made to this disaster. It included the Chile president, Gabriel Boric, seeking assistance from foreign counterparts, urging the citizens to be united in their response to the forest fire and encouraging the victims that they were not alone in the struggle. The president has also thanked some of the countries supporting this firefight. According to an official Chile Government page, Argentina, Mexico, and Ecuador sent 300 firefighting specialists, 25 brigade members, and 58 brigade members with firefighting tools, respectively. Venezuela also sent fire brigade members. Brazil, Colombia, and Spain also responded heavily as they sent soldiers, medical caregivers, forest–fire fighting expert advisors, police, pilots and drones, large capacity pickup trucks, and 10,000 litres air support tanks.

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