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Nancy Northup urges Biden to act to protect abortion rights, declare a public health emergency

Now that abortion is no longer constitutionally protected, many abortion providers and clinic staffers may be exposed to legal risks for doing their work. That has forced many clinics to opt to limit its services or stop providing abortions entirely, even in states where it’s still legal to do so. And ultimately, the ones harmed the most by the chilling effect of the post-Roe era, are the people who are seeking an abortion. Nancy Northup, President and CEO of the Center for Reproductive Rights, tells Ali Velshi that what’s going on right now is a “completely unacceptable situation.” She’s calling for the Biden administration to declare a public health emergency for abortion so that people who need and want abortion care can get it. “This needs to be addressed as the crisis that it is,” Northup says.
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