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Politicians react to Jersey election

BBC News logo BBC News 6/23/2022
Sam Mezec said he was looking forward to the next four years in government © BBC Sam Mezec said he was looking forward to the next four years in government

Reform Jersey is the biggest political party in the States Assembly increasing from five to 10 members in the 2022 election.

Reform's candidates won in St Helier Central, and party leader Sam Mezec topped the polls in St Helier South.

Jersey Alliance suffered multiple defeats, with only one of 14 candidates elected.

Overall, a total of 35 independent members were voted into government.

And, for the first time in Jersey's election history, a sitting chief minister lost their seat.

Commenting on Reform Jersey's successes, Mr Mezec, said: "To have doubled our seats, to have 50/50 gender balance in our new parliamentary party, the first black person to be elected in Jersey, and the first Romanian person, I'm just so proud that we've had this result."

Independent candidate Kristina Moore saw success, topping the polls not only in her constituency, but also in the island. Ms Moore got more votes than anyone else elected, with a total of 2,730.

The 2022 election has seen more women elected to Jersey's government than ever before.

Ms Moore, who said she would put herself forward for chief minister, said the increased representation of women in the States was welcomed.

Kristina Moore topped the polls in her constituency © BBC Kristina Moore topped the polls in her constituency

Jersey's outgoing Chief Minister John Le Fondre lost his seat.

He stood for the Jersey Alliance party and finished sixth in the poll for four seats in the constituency of St John, St Lawrence and Trinity.

He said he was proud of his leadership during his time in power.

Jersey Alliance leader Sir Mark Boleat also failed to get elected into the States Assembly.

He said he and his party members would meet in the next two weeks to discuss their future.

He said: "We have achieved a great deal, you know I don't regret what we did at all.

"I can't think of what we could have done massively differently to have got a better result, but what we failed to do completely was get over to the electorate."

Overall, out of 14 Jersey Alliance candidates, only one was elected as a constable - Philip Le Sueur.

Political analysis by BBC Jersey political reporter Freddie Miller

The results of this election feel really significant, like the start of a new era of politics in Jersey.

Whether it is or not - only time will tell.

Many islanders have always felt that Jersey is a fairly conservative place politically - not necessarily on social issues, but certainly when it comes to financial matters.

There has always been a perception that most States members are centre-right to centre on the political spectrum.

Even in recent years, when more politicians who would describe themselves as centre to centre-left have been elected, we have still very often seen the centre to centre-right members win in States votes.

As of Friday morning, one fifth of the States Assembly are members of the centre-left Reform Jersey.

So, it feels this morning as though these results could represent something of a change in the status quo.

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