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The Jungle: "Evil Geniuses Did NOT Win Because of NA Talent" | LoL Esports Review

League Of Legends, from RNG's impressive performance in the LPL final and the domination presented by Evil Geniuses in LCS Finals, to the uncertainty surrounding MSI and it's format, The Jungle’s expert hosts provide their opinions and informed stances on the must-know beats from the world’s biggest competitive esports title, LoL and its professional leagues LEC, LCS, LPL and the LCK. In this The Jungle League of Legends podcast, Daniel ‘dGon’ Gonzales, Christopher ‘MonteCristo’ Mykles and Christian ‘IWDominate’ Rivera cover the most groundbreaking match-ups and outstanding plays, in recent LoL esports, including the likes of EG Impact, EG Vulcan, EG Danny, Team Liquid, Hans Sama, TL Bjergsen, V5, Rookie lol, Top Esports, Tian lol, Evil Geniuses, Impact lol, Vulcan lol, RNG and SK T1, including LoL highlight performances and underperformances, as well as their "GOD or DOG" of the week. Dexerto League of Legends offers a variety of video content, including the best LoL moments, League of Legends documentaries, LCS analysis, original LoL shows & and trending League news from around the scene. Dexerto's LoL content focuses around huge names, such as: Faker, Perkz, Rekkles, Doinb, Doublelift, Bjergsen, TheShy, Uzi, Zven, Caps, Bengi, Bdd, Sneaky & Piglet, from huge orgs such as Gen.G, TOP, Fnatic, JD, Invictus, FPX, Cloud9, G2 & T1. Join our growing LoL community as we provide top quality League content from the season's start to finish. Get involved in our YouTube Community polls, give us your opinions & start debates on either our community posts or via our video comment sections! #LeagueOfLegends #LoL #LCS #EG #Bjergsen #EvilGeniuses #Vulcan #Impact #Danny #TeamLiquid #LoLEsports #Esports #LPL #TheJungle #MonteCristo #IWDominate #DGon Vulcan: "Closer Is BAD... He Needs to STOP Talking" | LCS Finals Press Conference: The Jungle: Liquid CEO Reveals How They Signed Bjergsen | LoL Esports Review: Impact: The REAL Reason I Left SKT and Came to NA | Esports Stories: CHAPTERS: 0:00 - Fastest Finals in LCS History! 4:10 - Someone HELP Rookie! 9:43 - T1 Too Predictable?! 20:49 - Should MSI Be Cancelled? 27:36 - Fix The Format! 39:30 - All Super, No team. 1:11:08 - False NA narrative! 1:27:21 - 100 Thieves: Time For A Roster Change? 1:46:13 - Comment Of The Week 1:49:19 - GOD or DOG LISTEN TO OUR PODCAST, THE JUNGLE: ► Spotify: ► Apple Podcasts: ► Google Podcasts: SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNELS: ► Dexerto Originals - ► Influenced by Dexerto - ► Dexerto CS:GO - ► Dexerto League of Legends - ► Dexerto Call of Duty - ► Dexerto VALORANT - FOLLOW DEXERTO ON SOCIAL MEDIA: ► Twitter - ► TikTok - ► Instagram - ► Facebook - Producer: Andrew Campion / Matt Porter Editor: Peter Dixon
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