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A couple of League players get revived by Akshan in an ARAM just to instantly die again

Dot Esports logo Dot Esports 9/28/2021 Mateusz Miter
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As the name of the mode in League of Legends suggests, All Random All Mid (ARAM) usually has quite a few random plays per game. In each one, players are granted a set of hit-or-miss champions who work with each other for better or worse. Recently, one player nicknamed Flapjack Man experienced this first hand in one of their matches.

They were lucky enough to get Akshan, one of the newest League champions, whose flagship ability is Going Rogue (W). Its passive allows the hero to mark the enemies who kill his allies as Scoundrels. When Akshan then avenges his teammates by slaying the Scoundrels, they get instantly revived at the fountain. In a mode like ARAM where you can only buy items before leaving your base, it’s a skill worth having on your side. Going Rogue is available constantly throughout the game once you unlock it and it could become key to winning fights such as the one that was about to start.

In the clip posted to Reddit, enemies were pushing against Flapjack Man’s Nexus’ towers. When the rival Twisted Fate used his ultimate to slay Ezreal, one of Akshan’s allies, the Rogue Sentinel was able to avenge him with his Comeuppance (R), bringing back the Prodigal Explorer alongside the already dead Karthus.

This might have looked like a situation that’d turn the tides of the skirmish, but only before the enemy Sett joined the battle. By using Mark/Dash (an ability exclusive for ARAMs), he quickly closed the gap between himself and the opposing Shyvana, who he then used to dunk the enemy squad, including the just revived Ezreal and Karthus, with The Show Stopper (R).

Although Sett paid for this play with his life, it opened up the door for the rest of his team to follow up on the fight and finish the rest of their opponents. Although the Sett took a couple of enemies with him, the help from Sivir was undoubtedly useful—unlike the resurrection of Ezreal and Karthus, who were immediately sent back to the grave. 

Akshan’s Going Rogue has been one of the most discussed elements of his gameplay since the champion’s release in July. Yet in this case, it turned out to have no value at all. Combining that with Akshan’s poor average win rate (49.9 percent, according to puts his position in League into a new perspective. 

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