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All Among Us Maps and Vent Locations

Dot Esports logo Dot Esports 9/26/2021 Ryan Galloway
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Among Us blew up in popularity In 2020, years after its launch. The game has been on a roll since, with the game amassing a larger player base every day and developers adding a stream of new content.

There are four different map options in the game, each offering new challenges and catering to a range of playstyles. All of them have vents, however, and using them to sneaking around is a core part of getting kills while remaining hidden as the imposter. With so many vents scattered around the maps and several different paths to take, knowing where each vent leads is vital.

Here are all the vent locations across all Among Us maps.

The Skeld

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The Skeld is one of the original maps available in Among Us and also one of the most commonly played. The Cafeteria and Storage divide this map vertically into two sections.

There are seven vents on the left side of the map. The most commonly used are between Electrical, Security, and Medical Bay since they have three entrances and lead to three different locations. The other set of vents links Reactor to Lower Engine and Upper Engine.

The right side of the map has another three-point venting setup between Cafeteria, Admin, and the large hallway on the right side. Likewise, there are two other venting paths: one connects Weapons and Navigation, while the other links Navigation and Shields.


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Polus is likely the second most played map behind The Skeld. This map is larger than The Skeld but isn’t the biggest in the game. Some of the several venting options let imposters quickly traverse around some parts of the map.

You have two three-entry-point setups on Polus. The first is between Storage, Office, and the outside part of Communications. The other can take you between Electrical, O2, and right outside Electrical.

There are two other paths on the map. The first is a single route between the top of the map, above Electrical, and a vent next to Laboratory on the opposite side. The final venting path links four points between Laboratory, outside of Laboratory, in Admin, and outside of Admin. This is the longest venting path on the map.


Image via Innersloth © Provided by Dot Esports Image via Innersloth

MIRA HQ is the map with the fewest rooms in Among Us. There are plenty of vents to traverse as an imposter on this map, making elaborate designs and complex pathing routes for imposters. Here are some of the key paths.

Almost every room in Mira HQ has a vent, meaning that imposters can sneak into almost any part of the map using the vents for stealth.

The Airship

Image via Innersloth © Provided by Dot Esports Image via Innersloth

Among Us’ latest map, Airship, is the largest map in the game, and it comes with a few unique ideas that don’t appear on The Skeld, Polus, or MIRA HQ. Despite the new dynamics, however, venting still works the same in Airship.

All four vent setups in Airship have three entry points, but the vent circuit on the left side of the map has a twist.

The vents in Cockpit connect the area to Viewing Deck on the bottom of the map and Vault on the top. The vents between Viewing Deck and Vault don’t connect to each other, however, and players must pass through the Cockpit if they want to use that circuit.

A venting path connects two sides of Gap Room to Main Hall, while a vent setup on the bottom part of the map links Kitchen, Engine Room, and the lower section of Main Hall. The last group of vents lets players sneak between Cargo Bay, Showers, and Lounge. 

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