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All copy food abilities and what they do in Kirby’s Dream Buffet

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Kirby is no stranger to adopting new abilities; in fact, it’s kind of his big deal. When someone thinks of the pink puffball, one of the first things that will come to mind is him sucking up and swallowing enemies to steal their power. In Kirby’s Dream Buffet, you don’t go around feasting on enemies like usual, but there are still copy abilities to help you out in the competition. Here are all of the food copy abilities and how they work in Kirby’s Dream Buffet.

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Every copy food ability in Kirby’s Dream Buffet and how they work

Copy food abilities are earned in Kirby’s Dream Buffet kind of like how you get items in Mario Kart. There are box-like treats along the courses that have whipped cream and cutlery symbols on them. Roll over them to get a random ability put in your inventory that can be used by pressing R. You also earn them when you have been knocked off the playable area in the ending Battle Royale round.

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You can test all of the copy food abilities out for yourself by going to Free Rolling to the right on the starting hub.

Here are all of the abilities and how they work:

  • Burning
    • Burst forward as a burning ball of fire. Coming into contact with enemies will harm them. Keep pressing R for additional boosts.
  • Drill
    • Burrow underground and come crashing back up. Press R while underground to come back up early.
  • Hi-Jump
    • Leap into the air and come crashing back down. Hold R to charge up the attack and get a short crosshair to choose where you land.
  • Jelly
    • Become a gelatinous blob that moves through the food environment faster. Press R multiple times to leave behind a splotch of jelly that slows down enemies that go through it.
  • Needle
    • Have Kirby protrude out spikes that harm anyone that touches him. Press R to charge up a rush attack.
  • Stone
    • Slam the ground and cause a shockwave attack that spreads out in a circle around you. Increase your attack range and height of the shockwave by holding R.
  • Tornado
    • Cause a tornado to spin around you, pulling in nearby strawberries and pushing enemies off track. Press R while activated to slow down your movement but increase the tornado’s force.
  • Wheel
    • Turn into a wheel and speed forward, knocking any enemies in your way back. Hold R and choose a different direction after activation to peel out towards that way.

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