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All Warzone Pacific Season 1 New Perks: Full List

DBLTAP logo DBLTAP 12/6/2021 Jack O'Dwyer

We've written up brief explanations into each of the two new perks heading to Call of Duty (COD): Warzone in Pacific Season One.

With the release of the Pacific trailer for the next chapter of Warzone, developers have also taken the opportunity to publish the patch notes containing all the upcoming content heading to players in Season One. This, of course, includes items and resources for players to use, such as weapons and perks.

We've broken down the two new perks below.

Warzone Pacific Season 1 New Perks

According to the patch notes released earlier today on Monday, Dec. 6, there are two new slot one perks players will be able to take advantage of once the Pacific map content goes live. Both these perks will be available through the Season One Battle Pass alongside a special incendiary grenade that's sure to light up the jungle. We've given each perk its own heading below:

1. Serpentine

Those who equip the Serpentine perk will find that, much like its titular maneuver implies, sprinting reduces their incoming damage. Regular sprints cause a fraction of damage reduction from ballistic and explosive weaponry while tactical sprints can decrease damage by nearly a quarter. It unlocks at Battle Pass Tier 21.

2. Intuition

Intuition may be one of the more useful perks for players who can't quite seem to keep tabs on their opponents. Those who equip this perk will receive a tip-off in the form of a "vision pulse" when enemies are nearby. It is the shorter range, passive counterpart to High Alert and Piercing Range. It unlocks at Battle Pass Tier 44.

Players can also equip the Incendiary Grenade as a Lethal Equipment item in their loadout. According to its description, this throwable is meant to cause chaos and confusion. It obscures a specific area in white fog and burns anyone who gets too close. When thrown, it does a small burst of damage before transitioning to damage over time (DOT) that scales the longer opponents are in the range of the initial burst point. It unlocks at Battle Pass Tier 39.

Those interested in everything else Pacific has to offer can find even more information on the coming content in our companion article for Season 1.


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