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Apex Legends Player Discovers Gravity Cannon Recoil Trick

DBLTAP logo DBLTAP 6/26/2022 Jack O'Dwyer

One Apex Legends player has discovered a way to use Gravity Cannons not only to escape but also to confuse any pursuing enemies.

Gravity Cannons have certainly been a popular and effective addition to Apex Legends’ Storm Point. Typically, players can use them to launch themselves across the map to another location to escape danger or make a quick play to help a teammate. That’s not all, however.

Reddit user lennonxxg posted in the Apex Rollouts subreddit about a known Gravity Cannon interaction that sent them over the back of their opponent's heads — allowing them to quite literally get the drop on them.

Storm Point Gravity Cannons Can Send Players Backwards

In a video published on Friday, June 24, lennonxxg demonstrated the jump just outside of the Stormcatcher POI. It’s actually rather easy to pull off — as they showcased in the video.

While being pursued by another player, lennonxxg ran full speed toward the side of the cannon and right against one of its arms without actually boarding. As it began to unfold as part of its launching animation, the Gravity Cannon sent them flying backward toward their attacker. Normally, this would be counterintuitive, but the cannon’s backfire actually sent them up and over the other player’s head.

From there, they were able to drop down on top of their opponent and take them out before they had the opportunity to escape.

While this trick might not be the most popular one on the books, it certainly is satisfying to watch. Time will tell if more players decide to take advantage and thoroughly mystify the competition.


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