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Apex Legends Players Found a Way to Fly Horizon's Black Hole

DBLTAP logo DBLTAP 8/14/2022 Nathan Fusco

Apex Legends players found a way to fly Horizons Black Hole making it a terrifying visage. Twitter user Skeptation showed a clip where two players were in the firing range together. The first view is from Vantage as she watches the Horizon place N.E.W.T on top of Echo, Vantage's winged companion. Once it's placed, the Black Hole activates and Vantage can direct Echo around.

Echo can continue to be directed around and can even be recalled. If players want to suck in enemy players, they could then launch toward Echo's location to finish them off.

Once you see it from Horizon's perspective, you have to be looking down almost directly on top of Echo to place the Black Hole. Then for some reason, it seems to stick to the creature. It's almost assuredly a bug and not something that Respawn has planned for. Expect this to hit the Trello board soon.

Questions immediately rose from the community like "Has nobody tried flying sheila around?" No one knows the extent of this bug and what else you could potentially fly on top of Echo, but you can bet the community is about to find out.


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