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Apex player calculates TTK for nearly every weapon in the game

Dot Esports logo Dot Esports 5/24/2022 Adam Snavely
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As with any battle royale, not all weapons in Apex Legends are created equal. Players must learn which guns are best for different situations, as well as which ones they feel comfortable with. And, of course, there’s the all-important statistic: time to kill.

TTK, as it’s more commonly known, refers to the amount of time a weapon takes to down an opponent. When seeing a weapon’s TTK displayed, the stat assumes every bullet lands on an enemy player, which gives players a decent idea of how powerful certain weapons are in correlation to others. With so many weapons, armor levels, helmets, and other factors playing into TTK in Apex, it can be incredibly difficult to keep track of it all.

Thankfully, one Apex fan has you covered.

Reddit user Bears_Say_Meow keeps a regularly-updated TTK spreadsheet, and to call it exhaustive would be an understatement. It contains weapon damage information, TTK for shots to the body, the head, all different armor levels, and can even be adjusted for different levels of helmet. At the moment, the only weapons not included in the spreadsheet are shotguns and snipers.

Bears_Say_Meow has kept up the spreadsheet for several seasons now and just released the season 13 version. It’s an excellent resource for players looking to get a better handle on the weapon pool in Apex. or for those wondering if one of their comfort weapon picks feeling a little less powerful was a real change or if they’re just missing more shots.

Among the most interesting insights in the season 13 spreadsheet is just how powerful the Havoc assault rifle is at the moment. As far as automatic weapons go, the Havoc is only rivaled by the Volt, a care package gun, in just how quickly it can take down opponents. And with lower-level helmets, the Havoc’s TTK is actually quicker than the Volt’s, if a player lands all headshots. The trade-off to this incredible power from the Havoc is the gun’s wind-up time, but the Turbocharger being in the crafting rotation on a semi-regular basis makes that less of an issue, too.

There’s all sorts of interesting information to be gleaned from the spreadsheet, which players can access and tinker around with through the link given by Bears_Say_Meow above. Just don’t go blaming another weapon’s TTK if you whiff a full Wingman clip in a one-vs-one the next time you drop in for a match.


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