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Best Stands in Roblox A Universal TIme

GamePur logo GamePur 9/21/2021 Kuldeep Thapa
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Acquiring a top-tier Stand is one of the most crucial aspects of performing well in Roblox A Universal Time. A Stand is essentially a shadow entity that will fight alongside you when summoned. There are several Stands available in the game, each possessing unique attributes. To help players pick the right one, we’ve put together a list comprising the best Stands in the game.


Gaster boasts insane damage and combos ridiculously well with your character. Players can acquire the Stand by completing the Gaster Quest. To obtain the quest interact with the Shadow Figure on the left side of Devil’s Palm.


Gojo is a versatile Stand that possesses a lot of abilities. Unlike Gaster, it doesn’t pack a lot of damage or excels at one category; however, its flexibility and the potential to cover several bases make it a high priority Stand. That said, Gojo is a bit hard to execute, and new players might struggle with maximizing its potential. To get Gojo, interact with Gojo himself, who is at the top of mountains near DIO, and then complete his quest.


The Goku Stand allows users to heal themselves up, making it one of the best at sustaining fights. Furthermore, it can make users invincible for a short duration, neglecting any incoming damage. To get Goku Stand, you need to interact with Goku with 7 Dragon Balls in your inventory. Goku will then give you a quest which you need to complete.


Although a bit tricky to use, Tusk is one of the best Stands in the game. It has high damage but also brings a lot of utility to the table. Players can get their hands on Tusk by using the Saint’s Left Arm from the Saint Corpse with the help of Gyro.

The World Over Heaven

Much like Gaster Stand, TWOH packs insane damage. Additionally, it’s a versatile Stand with plenty of utility moves. To acquire TWOH Stand, interact with Enrico Pucci and complete the quest given by him.

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