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Blizzard Community Manager Answers When Fans Can Expect the New Cowboy Name

DBLTAP logo DBLTAP 9/15/2021 Jack O'Dwyer

AndyB, a Blizzard community manager, has returned to the official Overwatch subreddit to answer how much longer fans will have to wait for the "Cowboy name change" project.

On a post published on Monday, Sept. 13, user FuriouSherman asked if anyone knew when Blizzard would be letting its fans in on Cowboy's new name. Moments later, AndyB swooped in, replying to the post with some insider information on when players could expect the change to be announced.

Here's what they had to say.

When Can Fans Expect Cowboy's New Name?

According to AndyB, the process is much more complicated than slapping on a new name and calling it a day. Once the name is actually decided on—a point which DBLTAP cannot confirm has happened inside the company—developers will have to go through and update voice lines, user interface assets, address localization, and check-in with cultural regions of the world over.

"Change like this takes *some* time to achieve. I do not currently have an ETA I can share with you, however I can assure you that work is underway on this task," they wrote.

They went on to assure fans that this decision wasn't being made or taken lightly. Despite the "rush" of news surrounding it, the Overwatch "Team 4" developer squad were taking this seriously. AndyB highlighted that the choice to rename the game's cowboy hero was "made deliberately, and involved conversation with, and feedback from, all of Team 4."

Fans seemed to appreciate the effort. Several replied with their thanks for the information and clarification on the post. Others elaborated on the amount of effort it will no doubt take to get the project complete.

"Just thinking about the voice lines that say the name 'McCree' and then the scheduling to get all the VOs to re-record those lines with a new name is a task and a half," MrFerkles wrote, "I appreciate the effort going in to scrub this name out and replace it with another. You guys are doing good work and for the right reasons."


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