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Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 2 Leaks Reveal New Weapons, Operators

DBLTAP logo DBLTAP 1/23/2022 Jack O'Dwyer

A new crop of Call of Duty (COD): Vanguard leaks have appeared, revealing details about the upcoming season.

With Vanguard Season 2 delayed a few weeks while developers sort out player issues and graphical improvements, players have been mostly left to their own devices. Some have turned their attention to flying cars, disgruntled hackers, and Ricochet V2. Meanwhile, others have decided to dig deeper into the game and uncover some hidden files via data mining. That information has now made it way to social media where three credible data miners have parsed out as much as they could.

Below, we've explained what they found.

Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 2 Leaks Reveal New Details

ZestyLeaks (@ZestyLeaks), Nanikos (@_Nanikos_), and Hydra (@Hydra9114) came together to corroborate some of the leaks alongside ripped images and a semi-detailed map coming to the game with the release of Season 2. According to an imgur album containing all the screenshots collected by Zesty and Hydra and shared by Nanikos, players can expect a new squadron with three new operators as well as a set of new weapons and a new map.

The new squadron, S. O. T. F., has a diamond sigil bearing the visage of a roaring Yeti and the number 007. There are three new operators:

  • Anna, an Austrian hiking an skiing enthusiast turned soldier with a deep vengeance against the Nazis for destroying her previous idyllic life.
  • Gustavo, whose profile was not shared.
  • Thomas, an LGBTQ+ French Canadian Spaniard who was hardened by war and deeply in love with his partner, another man to whom he is optimistic about returning.

The new weapons allegedly include a French-made rifle, the Chauchat, the Armaguerra OG-43, and the Swedish KG M/40 LMG. The new map appears to be a groundbase in or around the Alpine mountain range—better known as the Alps.

Unfortunately, until Season 2 goes live, DBLTAP cannot confirm or deny any information regarding what could be found in-game.


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