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Disney Twisted-Wonderland Tier List: The best characters in Disney Twisted-Wonderland

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Disney Twisted-Wonderland is a gacha game where players utilize different characters to progress. Although several characters are available in the game, some are simply better than the rest. To help players pick or reroll the best character, we’ve created a tier list ranking every character in the game.

S+ Tier

  • Leona- Dorm Uniform
  • Idia- Labwear
  • Malleus- Ceremonial Robes
  • Ortho- Archetype Gear
  • Riddle- Dorm Uniform
  • Riddle- Labwear
  • Rook- Labwear

S Tier

  • Azul- Ceremonial Robes
  • Cater- Ceremonial Robes
  • Deuce- Ceremonial Robes
  • Floyd- School Uniform 
  • Jack- Ceremonial Robes
  • Jack- Dorm Uniform
  • Jade- Ceremonial Robes
  • Jade- Labwear
  • Jamil- Ceremonial Robes
  • Kalim- Labwear
  • Lilia- Labwear
  • Idia- School Uniform
  • Malleus- Labwear
  • Rook- PE Uniform
  • Ruggie- Labwear
  • Sebek- PE Uniform
  • Trey- Labwear
  • Vil- Ceremonial Robes
  • Vil- PE Uniform

A Tier

  • Ace- School Uniform 
  • Ace- Dorm Uniform
  • Cater- Dorm Uniform
  • Cater- PE Uniform
  • Epel- Ceremonial Robes
  • Floyd- PE Uniform
  • Idia- Ceremonial Robes 
  • Kalim- Ceremonial Robes
  • Kalim- PE Uniform
  • Leona- Ceremonial Robes
  • Ortho- Athletic Gear
  • Ortho- Burst Gear
  • Riddle- Ceremonial Robes
  • Ruggie- Dorm Uniform
  • Ruggle- PE Uniform
  • Sebek- Labwear
  • Sebek- Ceremonial Robes
  • Trey- Ceremonial Robes
  • Vil- School Uniform

B Tier

  • Ace- Labwear
  • Azul- Labwear
  • Azul- PE Uniform
  • Azul- School Uniform
  • Cater- Labwear
  • Deuce- Dorm Uniform
  • Deuce- PE Uniform
  • Deuce- School Uniform
  • Floyd- Labwear
  • Jack- School Uniform
  • Jamil- Labwear
  • Jamil- School Uniform
  • Kalim- School Uniform
  • Leona- PE Uniform
  • Lilia- Ceremonial Robes
  • Lilia- PE Uniform
  • Riddle- School Uniform
  • Rook- Ceremonial Robes
  • Ruggie- Ceremonial Robes
  • Ruggie- School Uniform
  • Silver- Labwear
  • Silver- Ceremonial Robes
  • Silver- Lab Wear
  • Silver- School Uniform
  • Trey- School Uniform

C Tier

  • Ace- PE Uniform 
  • Cater- School Uniform
  • Deuce- Labwear
  • Epel- Labwear
  • Epel- School Uniform
  • Floyd- Ceremonial Robes
  • Idia- PE Uniform
  • Jack- Labwear
  • Jack- PE Uniform
  • Jade- PE Uniform
  • Jade- School Uniform
  • Jamil- PE Uniform
  • Leona- School Uniform
  • Lilia- School Uniform
  • Malleus- PE Uniform
  • Malleus- School Uniform
  • Ortho- Precision Gear
  • Riddle- PE Uniform
  • Sebek- School Uniform
  • Silver- PE Uniform
  • Trey- Dorm Uniform 
  • Trey- PE Uniform
  • Vil- Labwear

It’s important to note that the tier list is subjective, and depending upon scenarios, it can change. Additionally, every character is viable and can work if utilized efficiently.

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