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Every Survivor status effect in Dead By Daylight explained

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Different statuses are regularly being added to Dead By Daylight with the inclusion of new Killers, Survivors, and perks. It is important to have a good idea of what is happening to you every moment you interact with someone else with so many moving parts. Here are all of the status effects in Dead By Daylight explained.

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All status effects in Dead By Daylight explained

There is a common rule for the below statuses: if the meter for the status is yellow, it buffs you, but if it is red, it is nerfing you a little. Keep that in mind one of these small circles pops up on your screen.


Blessed is denoted as a yellow triangle that shows you are being affected by a Survivor’s boon perk. If the Boon Totem is cleansed, you will lose the effect.


Blindness is shown as an eyeball which means your aura-reading abilities have been disabled.


Killers who have the Bloodlust sabretooth skull icon move faster during prolonged chases. Killers lose Bloodlust when they hit a Survivor or are stunned by a pallet.


The Broken status is denoted by a white cross that is crossed out. This shows that a Survivor is under the effect of a perk or a power that will make it impossible for them to be healed back to the Healthy state. The highest they can go is to the injured state.


A triangle similar to the Blessed icon, but shows you are being negatively affected by a perk. Dispel the accompanying Totem to get rid of it.

Deep Wound

Deep Wound’s icon is of a man that has been cut and your screen will get darker. You have a short amount of time to heal yourself, or you will be put into the Dying state.


Endurance is the same icon as the man from Deep Wound but without the cut. This means a Survivor can take one hit from the Killer without changing status.


Exhausted’s icon is of a nearly empty heart. This shows you are in a cooldown before you can use an Exhausted effect again.


Exposed is a skull and means that the Killer can hit you with one shot and put you into the Dying state.


Haemorrhage looks like a blood drop and means your Survivor is bleeding enough to leave a trail behind them. You will also slowly lose healing progress over time when you stop healing.


Haste is a shoe with wings. Either side can get this, and it simply means you can move faster.


Hearing is an ear icon that means all sounds are muffled out for you, replaced by a high-pitched sound until done.


Hindered’s icon is of a ball and chain. It is the opposite of Haste, which means that Survivor will move slower than normal.


Only appears against The Twins and is denoted by a hand in cuffs. When Victor jumps on you, you can not interact with generators, items, other Survivors, hooks, or totems.


Only appears against The Doctor and is denoted as a brain. Shows that the Killer has impaired your sanity and makes you see various illusions depending on the severity of the effect and makes skill checks harder.


Mangled is a bone that is snapped in half. Makes it so healing that Survivor takes longer.


Oblivious is an icon of a man with his hand over his eyes. This means you can not hear the Killer’s Terror Radius, so you will not hear a heartbeat when they are near.

Sleep Penalty

Sleep Penalty looks like a person resting their head on their arms. Makes it so waking sleeping Survivors takes longer.


Undetectable is an icon of a big Killer. It makes it so Survivors can not hear the Killer’s Terror Radius, can not see their aura, and removes the red stain (the red light directly in front of the Killer).


Vision is another eye icon, but it will be a yellow icon since it is good. This enhances your aura reading abilities.


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