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Fracture has a new look on VALORANT PBE servers

Dot Esports 9/24/2022 Danny Appleford
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Fracture is receiving major changes in the coming future, according to a video released from the current VALORANT PBE patch.

It has been over a year since Fracture hit VALORANT servers for the first time. The map had players battling it out in never-before-seen situations, with attackers able to attack sites from two different angles at once. With the addition of unlimited rotation and flank opportunities, this has made it one of VALORANT’s most inventive maps yet. Since being released on Sept. 8 2021, Riot Games has left the map untouched. Meanwhile the most recently added map Pearl has already received tweaks that are currently live on all servers.

The video released by floxay on Twitter showcases all of the changes made on Fracture to both A and B sites. The most significant changes are on A site where Satellite, A Drop, and A Rope have gotten a completely new look. The satellite no longer has a rock in the middle, instead, that rock is now pushed to the right side to create a pathway for players to come through. A Drop has also been opened up, allowing for less coverage on the right side, where there is now a ramp for players to sit at. The rope on A site has also changed and now has a catwalk that extends from the opening so players can hold different angles and see deeper into A Drop. Below the rope, the two stacked boxes have also received changes and appear to be made of a material that will no longer be wall-bangable, meaning that it is now another new hiding spot.

Nothing major was done to B Site on Fracture outside of a ramp being added to on the Arcade side of the site to make getting onto the platform there. The rest of the site seems to be untouched, according to the video. These changes to Fracture are currently live on PBE, but there is no set date for when the changes will hit live servers.

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