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'God Mode' Hack Reappears in Call of Duty: Warzone

DBLTAP logo DBLTAP 7/18/2021 Jack O'Dwyer

The game-ruining "god mode" hack appears to have reared its ugly head in Call of Duty (COD): Warzone once again.

Despite an alleged "ban wave" clearing the servers of 50,000 accounts, Raven Software seems to have missed a spot. Warzone players are reporting the resurgence of one of the most frustrating and game-ruining hacks on the market: "God Mode." Now, thanks to some illicit ingenuity, hackers exploiting this cheat have become ten times harder to take down.

Warzone 'God Mode' Hack is Making a Comeback

Veteran fans may remember this particular type of hack. Though it was previously thought to be expunged—or, at the very least, fallen out of fashion—it appears that hackers have become fairly bold in recent weeks.

This newer version of god mode is even moreso as now it appears damage doesn't even tick. In previous iterations, players could hit hackers, but the hackers either had a massive health pool or insurmountable weapons. God mode's revival is an obvious red flag for someone breaking the rules, making its resurgence troubling.

In a post published to the official Warzone subreddit board on Saturday, July 17, user Aldosarii was able to capture and attach a video of the hack in action. Despite very clearly having their target locked in sight and firing at near point-blank range, the player's bullets don't even scrape their opponent. The alleged hacker takes no damage at all and is able to rip through the player like a tissue.

"I have put more time in this game than I would like to admit. 'Got good' over the years of playing cod but at what cost? Getting cheaters in every f***ing lobby," they wrote.

Unsurprisingly, players weren't exactly thrilled with the development in the post's comments section. Several noted that this is likely the end of Warzone as a hack like this essentially makes the game unplayable—let alone unwinnable—for the law-abiding user. Others were at a loss about where to direct their ire: at the hackers for ruining the game or Raven for allowing this to happen.

User JackWick789 wrote, "May you Rest In Peace, Warzone."

"This is GG to Warzone. This cheat was just at a certain point soon to come and now its here. Godmode yea... GG Warzone game is done for," wrote user dNStreetMW.

LeadOnion wrote, "Yeah I was pretty dedicated to this game for a long time. But their lack of interest in fixing it is crazy. Not playing anymore."

At least one commenter raised the question of "immovable object meets unstoppable force"—what would happen if two god mode cheaters were in the same lobby? Would it never end? Would one have to forfeit? Would the real loser be normal players, like us, for being able to ask this question in earnest?

FormedBoredom summed up the general vibe of it all quite nicely: "What a s***show this game is."


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