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How big is Overwatch 2’s file size? Full OW2 game size

GamePur 9/30/2022 John Hansen
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The release of any sequel to a beloved game is a very exciting thing. You can expect new features, new characters, and hours of enjoyment in the world of a game that you fell in love with. However, with the constant expansion of content in games, file sizes have continued to grow and force people to make tough decisions about what can stay on their hard drive. Here is what we know about the size of Overwatch 2’s installation.

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What is the file size of Overwatch 2?

While we do not have the exact installation size of Overwatch 2 at launch, Blizzard Entertainment has given us an approximate value of what you can expect. On PC, the install size will be about 50 GBs, while console players can expect to reserve around 30 GBs on their drive space.

Considering that the first game on PC is about 40 GBs and the PlayStation and Xbox versions are about 27 GBs, the jump to the sequel will not necessarily be a huge jump in storage space. The Switch version of Overwatch is just 16 GBs, so we expect that version of Overwatch 2 to be a little smaller than the other console editions to allow the hybrid console to run the game as well as possible.

When Overwatch 2 becomes available to download, you will essentially be redownloading the first game. Because it is taking over the client, all of the files will need to be swapped out for the new ones. This means you could have a lengthy wait if your internet download speeds are not necessarily great. However, with the big shift in new features and additions to the game, we think this is a reasonable ask for players who have been waiting for a big update to the game for years now.

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