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How Much Money Does ludwig Make Streaming? – Twitch Leaks 2021

GamePur logo GamePur 10/8/2021 Jamie Moorcroft-Sharp
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An anonymous Twitch hack has released all user data for Twitch. Amongst the data is the earnings for every streamer on the platform for the past two years or so. While the top five streamers on the platform all made over $5 million, those below them still managed to bring a few million home, such as the sixth-highest earning streamer, Ludwig.

The data shows that between August 2019 and October 2021, Ludwig was paid $3,290,777.55. This works out to be roughly $121,880.65 before tax from Twitch subscriptions, bits, and advertisements on his streams. However, some months will be better than others due to advertising budgets and the type of games Ludwig is playing.

The income from donations on Ludwig’s streams, as well as sponsorship, deals with NordVPN, American Eagle, Coinbase, GFuel, and Willow will all be cash on top of what Ludwig is paid by Twitch. This means that his income could be significantly higher for the recorded period.

Ludwig has managed to build a brand for himself out of being cringeworthy, attracting an audience who loves to watch content that makes you squirm. While he may not be known for a particular game, he still ranks highly among those who are.

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