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How to claim a settlement in New World

Dot Esports logo Dot Esports 9/28/2021 Gökhan Çakır
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When you first load into a New World server, you’ll realize that each of them will differ from each other when it comes to controlling the map. The Territory and Settlement system allows players to claim land and assert their dominance on the map. When a company, the clan equivalent of New World, claims a settlement, players will receive buffs or other minor bonuses which can help them while they’re out in the world.

Settlements are pre-built landmarks, and they’ll be the first target of most companies. Once a settlement is claimed, its owners will have an option to build upon it, even turning it into a small city.

If you’re looking to claim a settlement with your crew, you’ll need to join one of the three factions first. At the beginning of the game, you won’t be a part of any of these factions, but you’ll be required to choose one during a quest line.

Before you can even think about claiming a settlement, you’ll need to take over its respective territory first with your company. During the release period of New World, settlements will start off as ownerless and players will be able to claim them by paying a claim fee. This should also be the case if Amazon Game Studios decide to add more servers to the game in the future. You’ll need to find the flagpole, which is often located in the center of cities, to be able to access the settlement claiming interface.

Claiming an occupied settlement will be a different story, however, since you’ll need to wage war against the company that’s currently controlling that settlement. Winner of these will have the right to claim the settlement. This means that being a settlement owner will be as difficult as capturing one.

Players who aren’t a part of a company will be asked to create or join one before claiming a territory just like how it’s shown here.  

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