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How to get Rainbow Ink, and what it is for, in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

GamePur logo GamePur 9/20/2021 Kristi Jimenez
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The Toona Fish skin is one of the newest skins players can obtain in Fortnite through Chapter 2 Season 8’s Battle Pass. You are able to get the Toona Fish skin fairly early on in the Battle Pass and you will unlock it when you reach 9 Battle Stars. Very similar to past skins, such as the Kymera skin released in Chapter 2 Season 7’s Battle Pass, you are able to customize the look of your Toona FIih through various color bottles found on the map. One of the rarest items for Toona Fish is Rainbow Ink.

Rainbow Ink can be used towards purchasing different Styles for your Toona Fish. By purchasing these Styles, you’ll be able to make your Toona Fish match the same color palette as any of the characters in Fortnite. You’ll need to make sure you also have enough color bottles of the corresponding color for that Style as well. For example, even if you have enough Rainbow Ink, you’ll still need to have the Cuddly Pink color bottle in order to unlock the Cuddle Team Leader Style for Toona Fish.

If you’re having trouble locating these color bottles, simply hover over them in Toona Fish’s menu and the game will have a short description in the bottom right-hand corner telling you where you’ll be able to find them. You can also see the color bottles show up on your mini-map in-game. The Rainbow Ink required to purchase these styles will depend on the character. At the moment, all the styles are 10 Rainbow Ink each, but there will be an update where some Styles will require 15 Rainbow Ink.

If you want to unlock Rainbow Ink, you’ll have to play the game and open as many chests as you can. There is no particular chest the Rainbow Ink as it will spawn in chests of any kind. We’d recommend landing in an area that players usually don’t go to and have a lot of chests located in it. Rainbow Ink is fairly common to come by, so you’ll no doubt have at least some by the end of a game.

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