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How to get Sol in Roblox A Universal Time

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A Universal Time is a Roblox Game inspired by the popular manga and anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. There are several Stands, items and gears in the game that players can acquire, each bringing unique attributes to the table. That said, one of the Stands that many players might struggle to get is Sol Stand, and here is how to get it in A Universal Time.

How to get Sol

There are fixed prerequisites that you need to achieve to get your hands on Sol Stand. To begin with, you need to have Star Platinum Stand at your disposal. A random Stand can be acquired from Stand Arrow, and you have to repeat this process until you get the desired one, which is Star Plaunum Stand in this case.

For the next part, you need to find and defeat NPC Dio. You can either summon him directly by using 500 Robux or search for him in the forest. He spawns every 30 minutes in different locations throughout the forest, so you need to explore a bit. When you defeat Dio with the Star Platinum Stand, he will offer you the Creation of the Cosmos quest by posing the question, “do you wish to know the cosmos?” to which you must respond Yes.

Once you accept the quest, these are objectives that need to be completed:

  1. Inflict 5,000 damage with Star Platinum
  2. Kill Dio with Star Platinum
  3. Block 1,500 Damage with Star Platinum
  4. Get 5 Timestop kills

All of the objects are simple to achieve and shouldn’t consume a lot of time. When you kill Dio for the second time using Star Platinum with Tales of the Universe Book equipped, he will again repose the same question as mentioned earlier. You have to answer with a Yes, and your character will automatically respawn with Sol Stand.

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