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How to get the Fallen Sea Dog Lantern in Sea of Thieves

GamePur logo GamePur 5/25/2022 Miljan Truc
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Unless you were a landlubber or a crab hiding under a shell, you know by now that all sea dogs worth their salt have been pitching in to solve the latest mystery in the Sea of Thieves. And the first real cosmetic item related to this mystery has been unearthed — the Fallen Sea Dog Lantern.

To get your new shiny, you will first have to set sail to Sea Dog’s Rest at The Shores of Plenty. Once you reach your destination, make your way to the North West beach. There, you will find a set of fresh footprints in the sand, along with a skeleton and a music box.

From there, follow the footprints. They will lead you to the North side of the island and stop near barrels scattered among the rocks. If you look closely, you will find a piece of paper wedged between the rocks. You can inspect it to read a note that conveys the following clue: “From shell of red into water deep, the truth shall come to light…”

From there, we know to seek a red shell. Head to the beach on the Southeastern side of the island, where you can easily spot a bright red shell in the sand. Standing on the red shell’s position, turn to face East by South East and head towards the water. Wade in and then dive below the surface, keeping your direction East by South East until you eventually come across a chest on the ocean floor. You will recognize it by the sinister red glow coming from within. Open the chest, and from it, you will unlock the Fallen Sea Dog Lantern.

From there, you can surface and head back to your ship. Make sure to equip your new lantern and explore the island — there are even more shocking clues that its light can reveal.


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