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Lost Ark: Thunderwings Field Boss guide

GamePur logo GamePur 5/21/2022 Joshua Chu
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The Thunderwings Field Boss is a field boss in Lost Ark that drops some important collectibles and materials for Tier 3 gear honing. The boss can be found in Candria Territory, located in the continent South Vern, and can be fought by anyone in the area. However, the fight is recommended for those who are Item Level 1,460 and above. While most people who clear this fight are well below this Item Level, you should know some of your attacks will be blocked.

Field Bosses are a daily activity in Lost Ark that allows you and anyone else in the area to join forces and fight an extremely tough boss. Once the boss is defeated, you will receive tons of loot that includes important collectibles and honing materials for your gear progression.

Head to this location in Candria Territory to fight Thunderwings. It’s recommended to make or join a party to maximize your contribution.

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The fight will begin officially at the top of every hour when a World Boss can be fought, but you have until about three minutes after the official time to make it to the boss and find a group. After three minutes, the fight will promptly begin, and you can challenge Thunderwings.

Similar to Moake, remember that during the Thunderwings fight, the boss can reset if you lead him too close to the edge of the circle. This circle will materialize around you during the fight, and you must keep him close to the center. If Thunderwings resets, the fight is essentially wasted, so try to keep your group at the center of the map.

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Some of Thunderwings’ key attacks include a ton of silver orbs and tornadoes surrounding him, which you must dodge. If you take damage from these attacks, you’ll most likely get wiped unless you are ILVL1460 and above.

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The boss will often charge up some orbs around him before unleashing the tornadoes, so look for a situation like below as a tell before he uses the tornado attack.

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At the conclusion of the Thunderwings fight, you can obtain rewards like Relic Accessories, a Legendary “Bleed” rune, Honing Materials, Stone of Chaos’, Relic Ability Stones, and Battle Engraving Recipes. Be sure to challenge this boss whenever it’s available to earn these great rewards. Note: You can only collect rewards from a Field Boss once per day across your roster.


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