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Major Hack Upgrades: Overwatch 2 Sombra Rework Revealed

DBLTAP logo DBLTAP 9/26/2021 Jack O'Dwyer

Overwatch 2 will see a near-complete overhaul of Sombra’s kit to pull her further from support to full-blown assassin.

In a pair of developer insight clips posted to the verified Overwatch Twitter account, developers Arnold Keller and Geoff Goodman revealed a host of changes headed to Talon’s favorite elite hacker, Sombra. These include tweaks to her hack abilities, additions to how she deals damage, and—of course—a new look.

Overwatch 2 Sombra Rework Revealed

Hacking is the Sombra main’s bread and butter in-game so we’ll be going over these changes, first. In Overwatch 2, players can hack a target every three seconds and keep them hacked for a total of 8 seconds. However, the target’s abilities will only disabled for the first second. It’s currently unclear whether this means Sombra can hack multiple targets at once—though, from the footage, that appears to be the case.

Hacks also proc a different set of visibility effects. Sombra will no longer be fulled from stealth mode following a hack—though she will be partially revealed for a moment while the ability is being used. Hacked targets will be visible through walls by all team members.

The ability’s cool down is no longer affected by whether or not the target is a health pack or a player. Heath packs will only remain hacked for 30 seconds.

Additionally, thanks to her passive, Sombra will deal 50% more damage to hacked players.

When it comes to her stealth, Sombra’s fade-in time will be reduced by 50% in Overwatch 2. However, her detection radius has been increased to four meters.

Her EMP ultimate no longer disables or deals specific damage to shield-abilities, but does deal 40% of enemy players’ health. Unsurprisingly, it applies the “hacked” status to all affected targets, enabling Sombra’s passive damage buff.

Finally, her pistol damage has been nerfed to deal 7 damage per hit, but does have a 20% spread reduction.


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