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Mini Octane is Causing Trouble in New Apex Legends Glitch

DBLTAP logo DBLTAP 1/17/2022 Alexandra Hobbs

A new glitch in Apex Legends has reduced Octane into a mini version of himself, making the speedster even harder to hit.

We've called this a glitch, but some fans haven't ruled out if it's a hack creating the mini Octane. One player took to Reddit to share his discovery with the wider community, showcasing how this tiny Octane managed to wipe out their squad.

Despite its smaller size, this Octane isn't any faster than normal though it is noticeably harder to hit. Many fans were quick to comment under the Reddit post, expressing their confusion over the pint-sized Legend.

But, it seems that this occurance wasn't a one-off. User _Steven_Seagal_ said, "I had this once! I was a tiny wraith, not even tall enough to properly look inside a looting bin." Reports of other players having experienced this strange occurance seem to hint that this is indeed a weird glitch, though it's still unclear.

Mini Octane is Causing Trouble in New Apex Legends Glitch

As far as Apex glitches go, it's hard to be too annoyed by this one. While it would certainly be a pain to try and counter, you can't help but admit that tiny versions of Legends are kind of adorable. Some fans pointed out that they wouldn't mind if Respawn made this into an LTM: "New idea. LTM tiny, 60 players BR on arena maps." said user DartyStiffpants.

At the time of writing, it doesn't look like this glitch is currently on Respawn's radar, at least judging by the Trello board. Therefore, it's unclear if we'll see a fix deployed anytime soon. Despite this, it doesn't seem like the bug is all too common, so perhaps it won't be ruining too many matches for the time being.


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