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The best Pokémon teams for the Master League Classic in Pokémon Go – September 2021

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The Master League Classic has returned to Pokémon Go, which means players who don’t want to face off against Pokémon with XL candy can jump into these battles to fight it out against some of the best Pokémon in the game. You can expect to see nearly every player in this category using at least one legendary Pokémon, but many of them are bound to be using two or three. If you don’t have a good amount of legendary choices to pick from, you may want to stay away from these PvP fights.

The Master League Classic is happening from September 27 to October 11. We have a tier list ranking some of the best Pokémon for you to use in the Master League Classic. This guide breaks down the best Pokémon Teams to use in these fights.

Best Pokémon Teams for the Master League Classic

Meloetta (Aria), Gyarados (Shadow), and Garchomp

For the first team, we want to focus on brings up the latest mythical Pokémon added to Pokémon Go, Meloetta, in her Aria form. She’s a formidable Normal and Psychic-type, and given her stats, we think she’ll make a good Lead Pokémon. Next, you want to place Gyarados, the shadow version, in the Switch role and then have the robust Garchomp in the Closer position.

  • Meloetta (Aria): Confusion (fast move), psyshock, and dazzling gleam
  • Gyarados (Shadow): Dragon breath (fast move), aqua tail, and crunch
  • Garchomp: Mud shot (fast move), outrage, and earth power

Snorlax (Shadow), Togekiss, and Dialga

If you prefer using a Pokémon with a higher yield of defense and stamina, Snorlax is a good choice for the Lead role. However, it will need some extra attack power, so make sure you use the shadow version. On the other hand, it doesn’t have too many weaknesses for other players to exploit, and the same goes for Dialga, the Closer Pokémon on this team. To round everything up, and given the current meta choices of the Master League Classic, we recommend putting Togekiss in the Switch role.

  • Snorlax (Shadow): Lick (fast move), slam, and superpower
  • Togekiss: Charm (fast move), ancient power, and flamethrower
  • Dialga: Dragon breath (fast move), iron head, and draco meteor

Gardevoir (Shadow), Hippowdon, and Palkia

For those looking to add a bit more grace to their team, you could try placing Gardevoir, the shadow version, in the Lead role. It excels in the Lead role with its fast move, but it lacks bulk. You’re going to want to make up for that with Palkia as the Closer role. In the Switch role, you can try to use Hippowdon to swap out whenever you need to use it or give your other Pokémon a break.

  • Gardevoir (Shadow): Charm (fast move), shadow ball, and synchronoise
  • Hipoowdon: Ice fang (fast move), weather ball Rock-type, and earth power
  • Palkia: Dragon breath (fast move), aqua tail, and draco meteor

Groudon, Metagross, and Dragonite (Shadow)

A classic team to see in the Master League will always feature Groudon, the champion of this category. It’s hard to beat this legendary Ground-type Pokémon. It’s one of the best choices for these fights. In the Switch role, Metagross can lay down some support with its fast move and charged move pressure, and it comes with some robust defenses to fend off most attacks. You can round up this team with Dragonite, the shadow version, as the Closer.

  • Groudon: Mud shot (fast move), fire punch, and earthquake
  • Metagross: Bullet punch (fast move), earthquake, and meteor mash
  • Dragonite (Shadow): Dragon breath (fast move), dragon claw, and hurricane

Melmetal, Mamoswine (Shadow), and Goodra

It wouldn’t be Master League Classic tier list without including Melmetal, one of the most notable Pokémon you’re going to see in this battles, similar to Groudon. It’s a fantastic Steel-type with an even better moveset that not too many Pokémon can beat. You can go down the more spicy route with Mamoswine, the shadow version, in the Switch role, capable of dealing heavy amounts of damage to most opponents. For the Closer role, we’re going to recommend the newer Dragon-type Pokémon, Goodra.

  • Melmetal: Thundershock (fast move), superpower, and rock slide
  • Mamoswine: Powder snow (fast move), avalanche, and bulldoze
  • Goodra: Dragon breath (fast move), muddy water, and draco meteor

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