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Weird Apex Bug is Giving Legends the Wrong Abilities

DBLTAP 8/10/2022 Alexandra Hobbs

Clips have surfaced of a new Apex Legend bug where Legends have been stuck with the wrong abilites.

Yesterday, Apex Legends launched its latest Season, Hunted. As with most season launches, new content has been rolled out including brand new Legend Vantage. While a season launch should be a cause for celebration, a strange new bug has been leaving players feeling confused.

As is often the case when a new season drops, there's usually a few bugs that need to be ironed out — Apex is no stranger to this. But this latest bug is a certified kicker, giving Legends the wrong abilities.

New Apex Bug Leaves Legends With Wrong Abilities

Posted to Reddit, user LiverPoisoningToast offered a clip of them using simulacrum Ash, only to find her using Loba's Tactical and Ultimate abilities. "The new legend Ashloba is sick," the caption jokingly read.

It seems the bug wasn't limited to this one user, either. Players commented on the post with their own weird mash-ups: "I got Horizoncastle," one commentor said.

Another clip, from user ElectricalAnxiety193, shows newer Legend Newcastle using Mirage's decoys, leading to numerous Newcastles running around in chaos.

As one commentor put it, "New season, new glitches. The Apex tradition." It's safe to say that Apex fans aren't surprised by much anymore. Given the implications, and the hilarity, Respawn are likely already looking into how to fix it.

In the meantime, see what creative mash-ups you can create. The Apex Legends subreddit is full of them right now.

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