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Last-place fantasy football finisher went to a dog park covered in peanut butter

For The Win logo For The Win 2/20/2019 Andrew Joseph
a group of brown and white dog sitting in the grass: Associated Press © Associated Press Associated Press

As if the shame of finishing last in a fantasy football league wasn't humiliating enough, we've seen leagues concoct absurd punishments over the years for the loser. Some leagues require the loser to get a tattoo (which is intense). Others require the loser to take the SAT and post the score (which is funny).

One fantasy league in Dallas, though, came up with the grossest punishment for last-place finisher Steven Shrout.

He had to go to a dog park while covered in peanut butter.

According to, Shrout joined the fantasy league for the first time with his high school buddies and didn't do any preparation.

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He blamed drafting Le'Veon Bell for his last-place finish as the Steelers running back sat out the entire season due to a contract dispute.

Faced with the choice of paying $250 to get out of the punishment or going to the dog park covered in peanut butter, Shrout chose the latter.


"There was a couple who walked by me down the sidewalk, they both said 'EWW' and walked by so fast after that," Shrout said with a laugh.

Of course, Shrout's friends filmed the whole ordeal. In the video, you see him walk into the park, and almost immediately he's greeted by curious noses that wanted a taste.

Shrout said dog owners were speechless.

"A lot of them just wondered what I was doing, and then when I said I lost a bet, they all laughed," Shrout said.

Shrout's friends took pity on him and let him leave after just 5 minutes.

I fully recognize that dogs love peanut butter, but I would never want my dog licking peanut butter off a strange man. Like … gross, dude.

The punishment was enough to have Shrout looking for a new league next season.


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