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PGA Tour player ‘amazed’ at this amateur golfer’s weird-but-wonderful swing

For The Win logo For The Win 9/14/2017 Luke Kerr-Dineen

File Photo © File Photo File Photo As the saying goes: There's more than one way to skin a cat. 

Let's break it down!

Here's the top of the backswing and as you can see, she certainly transfers all of her weight back. It's a gigantic power move, one that not many players could pull off. Really, it's a testament to her hand-eye coordination.

The most interesting part comes on the downswing; the goal for most pros is to return their club down to the line where the club starts the swing (the plane line, it's called). It's really hard to do, though, so very few succeed in doing it. Usually, they settle for the club residing a touch above it. Here, for example, is Rory McIlroy.

File Photo © File Photo File Photo

This amateur doesn't just get back the club close to the line, she actually returns her club under the plane line. It's one of the reasons why she's actually able to hit the ball.

File Photo © File Photo File Photo

And then, on the follow through, all that weight she transferred on her backswing releases fully through the ball, maximizing her distance.

File Photo © File Photo File Photo

Not sure I'd recommend trying this at home, but props to this amateur. She pulls it off.


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