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REPORT: Yankees and O's 'Kicked Around' Three-Team Blockbuster Deal for Manny Machado

12up logo 12up 2/14/2018 Sam Chinitz
a baseball player holding a bat: Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees © Abbie Parr/GettyImages Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees

​As the MLB offseason begins to ​heat up, reporter Ken Rosenthal dropped a trade idea this evening that could reshape the AL East and have serious implications on the rest of the league.

The blockbuster deal would be between the Orioles, Yankees, and Rays and would send star infielder Manny Machado to New York.

​​The details of the proposed trade are as follows: New York gets Machado from the Orioles for Jacoby Ellsbury and top 50 prospect ​Miguel Andujar. Tampa Bay gets a package of mid-level prospects from the Yankees while sending starter Jake Odorizzi to Baltimore.

Rosenthal notes that the trade is purely a concept at this point and is highly unlikely to occur, but it makes sense for all three teams involved and had reportedly been talked about during the offseason. Basically, it's been 'kicked around', as he so elegantly puts it. 

"The teams kicked around the idea, according to a major-league source, but even if they could agree on the particulars – which is doubtful — the deal remains highly unlikely to happen," Rosenthal writes.

Here's how each team would benefit:

The Yankees would shed Ellsbury's salary while landing one of the top third baseman in the league -- filling their biggest hole without giving up any of their best prospects. 

Losing Machado would be tough, but he has just one season left on his contract and is likely to leave Baltimore in free agency. By trading the talented infielder, the Orioles land a top prospect in Andujar while adding a young, high-upside, controllable starting pitcher -- a good way to start a rebuild.

The Rays don't gain a ton in this deal, but adding prospects without giving up top end talent is a smart move for the rebuilding franchise and should put the team in a better position to compete in the future.

Despite being unlikely to occur this is a reasonable trade proposal, and if it were to happen it would likely make the Yankees borderline unbeatable, at least on pape


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