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The 7 Longest Home Runs in MLB History ... We Think

HERO Sports logo HERO Sports 7/11/2018 Andy Coffaro
a baseball player swinging a bat at a ball © Provided by HERO Sports

Mark McGwire once connected with a Randy Johnson fastball that we're not sure has landed yet. 

Did you know that Babe Ruth once hit a home run 575 feet (maybe)?

Or have you read about Mickey Mantle bombing a homer 565 feet (could be)?

Certainly you've heard of the legend of minor leaguer Joey Meyer who launching one an astounding 582 feet for the Denver Zephyrs in 1987 (is that even possible)?

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Searching for the longest home runs in MLB history will give you all kinds of results from all types of experts. Some of the estimations are based upon old footage while others rely on today's technologies like Statcast and ESPN's Home Run Tracker.

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That's why we've done the dirty work for you in an attempt to provide - as best the research shows - the seven longest home runs in MLB history ... we think.

T6. 535 ft. -- Willie Stargell (1978)

As seen in the diagram below, Stargell knocked a pair of dingers out of Dodgers Stadium twice in his illustrious career, including a long of 535 feet in 1978.

a man riding a skateboard up the side of a road: willie stargell dodger stadium home run © Provided by HERO Sports willie stargell dodger stadium home run

T6. 535 ft. -- Adam Dunn (2004)

Tied with Stargell, Dunn is the most recent slugger to make the list of longest home runs in MLB history.

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5. 538 ft. -- Mark McGwire (1989)

Steroids or no steroids, McGwire's 1989 moonshot in the Kingdome off Randy Johnson is still a sight to behold.

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4.  539 ft. -- Reggie Jackson (1971)

Some estimates have this home run by Reggie Jackson off of Dock Ellis traveling 7 feet less and landing at 532 feet. Perhaps the calculations were hindered by the mammoth blast smacking a transformer atop Tiger Stadium. 

Needless to say, Jackson's homer still remains the longest in MLB All-Star Game history.

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3. 540 ft. -- Jose Canseco (1989)

Canseco's homer in the 1989 ALCS against the Toronto Blue Jays went an incredible 540 feet - and still hasn't landed yet.

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2. 565 ft. -- Mickey Mantle (1953)

Originally estimated at a ridiculous 643 feet, the National Baseball Hall of Fame went back and recalculated the distance.

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1. 575 ft. -- Babe Ruth (1921)

Considering all the fables around The Great Bambino - including calling his own shot in the 1932 World Series - it should come as no surprise that Babe Ruth holds the MLB record for the longest home run at an incredible 575 feet from home plate.

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