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John Salley Blasts Current NBA Players Over How They Dress: “The Chain With The Shirt In Your Suit? Cut It Out. You're Not A Rapper. Stop It. Dress Like 50 Cent. 50 Cent Dress Like A Professional Athlete Used To.”

Fadeaway World logo Fadeaway World 8/8/2022 Divij Kulkarni
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NBA fashion has been something that has split opinions since players started being influenced by music culture and such and making radical outfit choices. Allen Iverson famously changed a lot of things about the NBA, wearing oversized shirts and caps instead of the suits that most players traditionally had to wear when coming in for practice and games. 

Iverson became a cultural icon and a phenomenon, and since then, players have been more experimental than ever. Russell Westbrook's outfits in recent years have raised an eyebrow or two, as has Kyle Kuzma, and they aren't the only ones. It's safe to say that players are more adventurous than ever now, even before they make it to the league. 

Draft night is always an occasion where what players are wearing is evaluated. There have been some really interesting suits, and recently it has also become the norm to wear some accessories and jewelry with the suits. While most people don't criticize young players for expressing themselves anymore, some old heads don't like these new trends, and former NBA champ John Salley happens to be one of them. 

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"If we talk about this new group that's coming in that needs to have tailors. I just want to say that. In the draft, some of your outfits are horrible and trash, period.

"The chain with your shirt in your suit? Cut it out. You're not a rapper, not a rapper. Stop it. Dress like 50 cent. 50 cent dress like a professional athlete used to. Dress like 50 cent. Just like you going in the business."

Salley is not the first to say something to this effect. Old heads are notorious for saying things like this from time to time. The rules were very strict at the time they played, so it can become a little difficult for them to accept today's players' choices. It's hard to see who would agree with this take, though, especially in the era of self-expression.


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