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LaVar Ball says he could've beaten ‘weak’ LeBron 1-on-1

The Big Lead logo The Big Lead 7/16/2018 Kyle Koster

NBA newsmaker and famous recluse LaVar Ball emerged back into public view recently to offer comment on a few issues. And the world paid rapt attention to the mercurial genius in the same way it does when Daniel Day-Lewis acts in a movie. It's a special event whenever a microphone appears in front of the Ball patriarch's mouth. It happens so rarely that it must be savored.

Ball confirmed something we should have already known: that he believes he could have beaten LeBron James in a game of one-on-one back when he was in better shape. His main argument? That he was a stronger, more impressive physical specimen than James.

When pressed if there's any video evidence to back this claim up, Ball said he didn't need any because the proof is all in his head.

Very revealing statement right there. Unintentional self-awareness.


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