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Shaquille O’Neal Reveals How Much He’d Need To Coach The Lakers: Fans React

The Spun 4/22/2022 Andrew McCarty
Shaquille O'Neal wearing a suit and tie: Shaquille O'Neal walks the red carpet. © Provided by The Spun Shaquille O'Neal walks the red carpet.

The Los Angeles Lakers are in search of a new head coach after the team fired Frank Vogel following a disappointing 2021-22 season.

While he doesn’t have any head coaching experience, former Lakers star Shaquille O’Neal made it clear he’d consider the gig. On the latest episode of “The Big Podcast with Shaq,” the former No. 1 overall pick revealed his demands – and it’s quite a lot.

“If the Lakers offered me $25 million a year for four years, I’d coach the Lakers,” O’Neal said. “I’ll need a four-year contract. I’d coach them right now.”

Of course, his interest in the job has fans considering what head coach Shaquille O’Neal would look like. Not everyone is convinced he knows enough about the current NBA – or at least the rosters – to make a good coach.

“Considering Shaq knows on average I’d guess around ~4 players on each team, I’d pay to see him run through a scouting report,” one fan said.

“Mark Jackson offers much better value for a team on a budget like the Lakers,” another fan joked.

Other fans suggested they too would accept $25 million per season to coach the team.

“Same, honestly,” another fan said.

Should the Lakers consider bringing Shaq back to the team, but as head coach this time?

It would certainly make for an interesting season.

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