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NFL quietly yielded on issue of stadium credits

NBC Sports logo NBC Sports 2/28/2020 Mike Florio
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When the NFL and NFL Players Association first started negotiating a new CBA last year, one of the potentially significant sticking points came from the issue of stadium credits. At some point in the past year, the NFL quietly yielded on that point.

Per a source with knowledge of the dynamics of the talks, the league eventually surrendered on the effort to take significant money off the top in order to devote that money to paying for stadium construction and renovation.

Before 2011, the players received 60 percent of the split, but only after management carved off significant dollars for various forms of expenses. With the 2011 labor deal, the focus shifted to the gross. Since then, the amount has hovered in the range of 47 percent.

The league wanted to bolster “stadium credits” to help finance expensive new stadiums, like Kroenkeworld in Inglewood. The NFLPA pushed back; the belief as of July was that the players would argue that, if they’re going to help pay for stadiums, they should have a say in where the stadiums are built and how much they cost and how big they are, etc.

By logical extension, the NFLPA also should have a say in decisions like franchise relocation. In St. Louis, for example, Stan Kroenke and the Rams could have finagled significant public money, and in turn spent significantly less private money from both league and union. If the players are going to be contributing to the funding, why shouldn’t they have a voice in whether the Rams would have taken the deal in St. Louis instead of paying for all of a much more expensive venue in L.A.

It’s unclear why, when, or how the issue was removed from the discussion, but it’s not part of the deal. Which means that the 48 percent cut for the players (48.5 percent when 17 games arrive) won’t be affected by money being taken off the top for stadium funding.

NFL quietly yielded on issue of stadium credits originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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