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Raiders WR Henry Ruggs Reportedly Recovering After Supposed Freak Injury That Sounds Really Fishy

12up logo 12up 6/1/2020 Michael Luciano
a crowd of people watching a football game: Raiders receiver Henry Ruggs © Joe Robbins/Getty Images Raiders receiver Henry Ruggs

Las Vegas Raiders receiver Henry Ruggs' offseason hasn't exactly gone to plan, as reports recently surfaced claiming that while the rookie was helping a friend move, his thigh was punctured to such a degree that his femoral artery almost burst. Yes, take that in for a moment. If true, we're talking about a life-threatening injury.

Reports from those close to the Raiders confirmed that Ruggs was indeed injured, as insiders subsequently added that he's going to be fine. But that certainly doesn't corroborate the wild rumors about how he was befallen in the first place.

There might be more to this story, folks. Unless Ruggs' friend was moving a bunch of rebar, it seems unlikely that his femoral artery was almost punctured from a simple move.

The initial report sourced to 247Sports -- there's evidence to suggest this could refer to a message board post and not a published article -- claimed that he "got caught between a trailer and a truck," which is infuriatingly vague and leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

While there might be some illuminating details that haven't been made public yet, the utmost concern has to be for the young receiver's health and safety. The good news out of all this is that Ruggs is fine and will be ready to unleash his blazing speed on the NFL during the 2020 season. We could use some key information here to help understand exactly what did happen, however, because this story just feels a bit off.


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