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Unsurprisingly, Tom Brady is a terrible trash talker

For The Win logo For The Win 9/14/2018 Nina Mandell

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Tom Brady may be a great quarterback, but when it comes to trash talking he falls a little short according to one teammate.

Rob Gronkowski told reporters on Wednesday that when it comes to trash talking, the Patriots QB is a "one out of 10."

Via Patriots Wire:

"He's focused always. He gets going sometimes out on the field, I've seen him. Depending on the game, depending on the situation, where he is compared to the defensive players. He hands off the ball, he's 10 yards back, so it's not like he can really get after it. I would say usually on his QB sneaks is when he talks trash if he does."

The Patriots are facing the Jaguars, who boast the league's best (?) trash-talker, Jalen Ramsey, on Sunday.


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