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Shelvin Mack 19 Points/9 Assists Full Highlights (2/1/2019)

I don't know who the target market for this video is. It's not Grizzlies fans, because they all hate Shelvin Mack because he plays too much and they all wish that they hadn't waived Andrew Harrison (which is the least of their problems, but whatever). And it's not general NBA fans, because I would guess half of them don't realize that Mack is still in the league, and the other half don't realize he was ever in the league. It's not Mack himself, either, because what kind of loser watches his own highlight videos on YouTube? He knows what he did in this game, he doesn't need to see it again. Truth be told, if I saw this video, I wouldn't click on it either. The prospect of slogging through an interminable video of Mack scoring 19 dumb points and dishing 9 dumb dimes would be not appealing in the slightest. Maybe if it was just the 19 points I'd be very slightly tempted, but you just know the assists are gonna be lame because everything the Grizzlies do is lame. You'd have to pray that all 9 were to Bruno Caboclo for dunks/threes, but you know that wouldn't be the case because I'd be on that Caboclo vid faster than ducks on a junebug. All clips property of the NBA. No copyright infringement is intended. Check out !
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