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An American Olympian rooted for his wife on Team Canada. So what?

SB Nation logo SB Nation 8/13/2016 Alex Kirshner

© Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports Sports are often good. And sometimes, sports are bad.

One such instance is the current case of Ashton Eaton, an American who’s participating in the men’s decathlon in Rio de Janeiro next week. The 28-year-old won decathlon gold for the United States in London in 2012, and now he’s back for more.

Eaton’s not the only Olympian in his household. His wife, Brianne Theisen-Eaton, is competing in this weekend’s women’s heptathlon. And because Theisen-Eaton is Canadian, she is representing, as it turns out, Team Canada.

Presumably because he is a spouse who cares about his wife, Ashton showed up at the heptathlon to support Brianne. He wore a Team Canada hat, as one might do when attending a sporting event and rooting for a member of a specific team.

Some people got mad online about this. If you want to see some really dumb tweets, you can click here.

Some guy on Twitter called Ashton a traitor because the United States also has heptathlon competitors. Who is he to root for someone else? (That's a mostly rhetorical question. The obvious answer is "someone's husband.")

Ashton got pretty frustrated about this, and it’s impossible to blame him.

Canada’s Olympic track team has exactly the right take:

Ashton and Brianne support each other in sports regularly. Here is Ashton congratulating Brianne after winning a pentathlon 800m in Oregon in March. Congratulating a Canadian! On U.S. soil!

IAAF World Indoor Championships - Day 2 © Provided by Vox Media, Inc. IAAF World Indoor Championships - Day 2

Here are the two treasonous spouses, helping each other get better:

IAAF - Day in the Life - USA © Provided by Vox Media, Inc. IAAF - Day in the Life - USA

Nobody except the Eatons gets to decide how the Eatons support each other as athletes. To give one of them grief for wearing clothing to support the other one on the biggest athletic stage of their lives is fake patriotism and really dumb.


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