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How to claim preorder bonuses in Forspoken

GamePur 2 days ago Brielle Bullard

Luminous Productions’ Forspoken has arrived and its unwilling protagonist, Frey, is dropped into the magical world of Athia with nothing but the clothes on her back and a very, very talkative new bracelet. 

Thankfully, she’ll soon be able to equip three different types of gear for stat increases and other benefits: Cloak, Necklaces, and Nails (yes, nails). Both cloaks and necklaces can be upgraded throughout your adventure in Athia and the platform exclusive pre-order bonuses gear provides a great advantage early on.

If you’re one of the many players who pre-purchased Forspoken for PlayStation 5 or PC, you might be wondering how to claim your sweet rewards. Not all of these pre-order exclusive items are available at the very start of the game but don’t worry, you’ll get your hands on them just a few early hours into your journey through Athia. 

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Claiming PS5 and PC preorder bonuses in Forspoken

Players who pre-ordered Forspoken for PC via Steam, Epic Game Store, Microsoft Store are rewarded with three exclusive, equippable items: the No Limits Cloak, Spectra Combo Necklace and the Overclock Nails.

Players who pre-ordered Forspoken for PlayStation 5 via the PlayStation Store are rewarded with three exclusive, equippable items: the Elite Cloak, Symbol Combo Necklace and the Trigger Happy Nails.

How to unlock the preorder exclusive cloak in Forspoken

  • Elite Cloak (PS5) or No Limits Cloak (PC)

The Elite Cloak, or No Limits Cloak, if you’ve pre-ordered on PC, is available shortly after you reach Cipal and meet Auden (and her unfriendly pals on the city’s Council), a little over an hour into Forspoken’s main story. 

Once you’ve unlocked the ability to equip a cloak, simply press the touchpad on your PS5 controller to bring up the game menu then scroll to the Gear menu using the R1 or L1 triggers. PC players can access this menu by pressing the Tab key.

At the gear screen, select the cloak menu and you’ll see the Elite Cloak (or No Limits Cloak) alongside the default Hooded Cloak option.

How to unlock the preorder exclusive necklace in Forspoken

  • Symbol Combo Necklace (PS5) or Spectra Combo Necklace (PC)

Necklaces are unlocked at the same time you unlock cloaks and can be equipped immediately from the newly available Gear menu. Again, simply press the touchpad on your PS5 controller and scroll to the Gear menu to equip your snazzy exclusive necklace.

How to unlock the preorder exclusive nails in Forspoken

  • Trigger Happy Nails (PS5) or Overclock Nails (PC)

Nails are unlocked a short bit later in Frey’s journey, upon entering the Guild to search for Auden’s father’s journals during the “Her Father’s Findings” objective. Upon collecting Breakshards for the first time, you’ll be tasked with painting your nails to gain various enhancements. 

A new Nails menu becomes available, located right after the Gear option in the game’s main menu, in which you’ll find the pre-order exclusive design. Each hand can be painted with a different design.

Didn’t pre-purchase Forspoken for these exclusive items? Don’t worry, we’ve still got you covered with our guide to the best early game equipment in Forspoken.

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