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Johnson & Johnson vaccine efficacy rate is promising, NC doctor says

The state's first shipment of the one-dose Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine will make its way to North Carolina this week after its approval for emergency use authorization over the weekend. It's the third vaccine to be given the green light by the FDA for emergency use, and some of the clinical trials for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine took place right here in the Triad. "Our volunteers, of course, right now I don’t know which ones got the vaccine and which ones got the placebo, but I can say that none of them complained of very many symptoms," said Wake Forest Baptist Health Chief of Infectious Diseases Dr. John Sanders. Sanders said anyone who gets the shot from Johnson & Johnson could experience mild side effects, just like the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. "When we talk about the sort of symptoms that they had, typical for any vaccine. Sore arm, low-grade fever, feeling like 'Oh, I got a little mild infection,' because that’s what a vaccine does - it tricks your body into thinking you have a mild infection," said Sanders. Sanders said the efficacy rate of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine looks very promising. "In terms of this vaccine protecting us against severe infection against hospitalization or death, the numbers look very good, in the mid-80 percent range. That’s fantastic," said Sanders. "When you’re talking about moderate to severe, it moves down into the 70 percent range, but most of us would be pretty happy if we got COVID and only had some mild to moderate symptoms." Read more: SUBSCRIBE |​ Follow us: Facebook |​ Twitter |​ Instagram |​ Download the WFMY News 2 app: ►Text the word APP to 336-379-5775 ►For iPhone |​ ►For Android |
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