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The Biggest Single Life Support System on the Planet is in Danger

The oceans are in trouble -- overfishing, melting glaciers, rising seas, acidifying waters and expanding dead zones. What is lost in these narrowly focused headlines is the fundamental truth that oceans are the biggest single life support system on the planet, and as such they need to be an enormous part of the global solution to damage from excessive carbon dioxide emissions. After all, oceans cover over 70% of the Earth's surface, the marine life (plankton) in them produces one out of every two breaths we take, and oceans provide 99% of the livable space on Earth. In addition, oceans moderate our climate and atmosphere, helping make this planet habitable for us and our loved ones. The bottom line is, if we want to maintain the planet for our children, our families and future generations, we need a healthy, functioning ocean that resists the negative impacts from climate change. The best way to do that is by providing marine life safe havens in which they can repopulate the sea after other places get too hot or too acidic for resident marine life. We can't store marine life away in underground vaults like we do with seeds to protect food crops against calamity, but we can establish ocean refuges for marine life where they can thrive, free from exploitation and with their habitats intact.
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