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Premier League table: Updated 2022 EPL standings and Champions League, relegation & title races

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There are places up and down the Premier League table that are hotly contested with one week remaining in the season. 

Man City once had a commanding lead at the top, but Liverpool have made a run in the second half of the season and they're just one point out with one match left. The Reds are the only team standing in the way of Pep Guardiola's fourth title in the last five seasons.

Other spots throughout the table are just as important, with teams fighting for Champions League and European places, while others are battling to avoid relegation.

A snapshot of each race follows below (Note: Tables are updated as of matches on Tuesday, May 17).

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Premier League title race

Manchester City have a one-point lead over Liverpool with just one match remaining for both teams. A win against Aston Villa gives Man City the title, as would a Liverpool loss or draw against Wolves (provided Man City don't lose by six goals to Aston Villa).

Man City hold the edge on goal difference should they finish even on 90 points (+72 to +66). Only a lopsided loss to Aston Villa at the Etihad would put that goal difference edge in danger.

With only one match in the season, FiveThirtyEight tips City to win the title (82 percent chance) compared to Liverpool's 18 percent to claim the title. 

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Place Team PTS GP GD Next Match
1. Man City 90 37 +72 vs. AVL, May 22
2. Liverpool 89 37 +66 vs. WOL, May 22
3. Chelsea 70 36 +42 vs. LEI, May 19

PTS = Points, GP = Games Played, GD = Goal Difference

Champions League places: Top 4 chase

The race for Champions League berths — only four spots are available and they go to the top four teams in the table — is probably the most fascinating, with just one spot remaining up for grabs.

Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea have officially clinched top-four spots and Tottenham Hotspur are on the verge of joining them. FiveThirtyEight gives Spurs a 96 percent chance to hold on to fourth place with one match left in the season and Arsenal two points behind. 

Given the insurmountable goal difference edge, Arsenal need to beat Everton on the final day and pray that last-place and relegated Norwich City beat Tottenham on the final day. 

Place Team PTS GP GD Next Match
3.* Chelsea 70 36 +42 vs. LEI, May 19
4.* Tottenham 68 37 +24 @ NOR, May 22
5. Arsenal 66 37 +9 vs. EVE, May 22
6. Man United 58 37 +1 @ CRY, May 22

* = Teams that finish in 3rd and 4th place join the 1st- and 2nd-place teams in the UEFA Champions League group stage.

Premier League race for European places

In addition to the four Champions League spots, there are three other European berths:

  • Europa League (2 berths): One automatically goes to the 5th-place Premier League team, and the other goes to the FA Cup winner;
  • Europa Conference League (1 berth): This goes to the League Cup winner. 

However, since the FA Cup and League Cup winners (Liverpool) have already qualified to the Champions League based on their top four finish — Liverpool won the League Cup (Carabao Cup) and the FA Cup — the berth automatically assigned to each domestic cup winner is transferred to the next highest team in the Premier League standings that has not already qualified for a European competition.

Thus the Europa League berth that goes to the FA Cup winner will fall to the 6th-place finisher, and the Europa Conference League playoff berth that goes to the League Cup winner will go to the 7th-place team.

Place Team PTS GP GD Next Match
4.* Tottenham 68 37 +24 @ NOR, May 22
5.** Arsenal 66 37 +9 vs. EVE, May 22
6.** Man United 58 37 +1 @ CRY, May 22
7.*** West Ham 56 37 +11 @ BRI, May 22
8. Wolves 51 37 -3 @ LIV, May 22
9. Leicester City 48 36 0 @ CHE, May 19
10. Brighton 48 37 -4 vs. WHU, May 22
11. Brentford 46 37 -7 vs. LEE, May 22
12. Newcastle 46 37 -19 @ BUR, May 22
13. Crystal Palace 45 36 +4 @ EVE, May 19
14. Aston Villa 44 36 -1 vs. BUR, May 19

* = 4th place earns a berth in the UEFA Champions League.

** = 5th & 6th place earn a UEFA Europa League berth next season.

*** = 7th place will gain a Europa Conference playoff berth.

Premier League relegation battle

With today's Premier League revenue streams, suffering relegation from the English top flight is a costly proposition. This year the race is tight to avoid the final trap door to the second tier.

Norwich City were the first team to mathematically suffer relegation with four matches remaining in the season, and they were joined by Watford a week later. Both sides will be heading right back down to the second-tier Championship, just one year after earning promotion.

Place Team PTS GP GD Next Match
15. Southampton 40 37 -21 @ LEI, May 22
16. Everton 36 36 -20 vs. CRY, May 19
17. Leeds United 35 37 -38 @ BRE, May 22
18.* Burnley 34 36 -18 @ AVL, May 19
19.* Watford-X 23 37 -42 @ CHE, May 22
20.* Norwich City-X 22 37 -56 vs. TOT, May 22

* = The bottom three teams are relegated to the second tier Championship.

The third and final relegation spot will be occupied by Everton, Leeds or Burnley, with the Clarets and Toffees earning big wins in recent weeks to maintain hope, while also having a game in hand on Leeds. The quest for Premier League survival is likely to come down to the final day.

According to FiveThirtyEight, it's Leeds that have the greatest chance of going down (60 percent, up from 18 percent just a few weeks back). After wins over Chelsea and Leicester City, Everton have slashed their chances to just 9 percent (down from 26 percent). Meanwhile, Burnley are at 39 percent to go down (up from 21 percent). Everton and Burnley face big midweek matches before Championship Sunday on May 22.


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