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Disappointing photos of roadside attractions in real life

INSIDER Logo By Zoƫ Miller of INSIDER | Slide 1 of 27:  Like all of Mystery Spot's features, the "gravity-defying" house is based on an optical illusion. The source of the sleight is what's known as a gravity hill - an area of land in which a downhill slope appears to curve uphill.

  • If a road trip packed with roadside attractions is on your bucket list, be prepared for the occasional disappointment.
  • Overcrowded sites and underwhelming curiosities are often the reality.
  • The Mystery Spot, for example, isn't all that mysterious.
  • The famous Stonhenge is generally packed ... and right across from a parking lot.
  • Natural wonders and oversized objects enliven overseas travel and the great American road trip alike.

    But the picturesque images you may have in your head don't always align with how things look in real life.

    From drab landscapes out west to big crowds at Stonehenge, these photos show the disappointing reality of roadside attractions in the US and abroad.

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